MEMBER AGREEMENT: This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions and cancellations (with money back guarantee) relating to the online content provided free of charge and content subject to payment (“Free and Paid-for Content”) that Jeremy McGilvrey (“the Siteowner”) will provide to you (“the Member”).

By accessing (“the Site”) the Member is agreeing to the terms and conditions below. If the Member uses the Site in the course of business the Member is also agreeing to these terms and conditions on behalf of that business. If the Member does not agree with the terms and conditions (or the Member is not authorized to do so) the Member should not use the Site. If the Member has any questions they should contact the Siteowner at

Services and Fees: The Siteowner shall provide Free and Paid-for Content. The Member shall agree to pay subscription fee (“Fee”) at rate in effect when the charges are incurred. For trial subscriptions, subscribers must cancel prior to the end of the trial period or it will automatically convert to a monthly recurring fee of $29 per month. The Member must provide the Siteowner with complete and accurate payment information. The Member can pay using a credit or debit card. By submitting credit or debit card details to the Siteowner the Member warrants that they are entitled to purchase the Paid-for Content using those payment details. In the event of an unauthorized payment the Siteowner reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Member’s access to the Site and Paid-for Content. If no payment authorization is received or payment authorization is subsequently cancelled, the Siteowner may immediately terminate or suspend access to any Paid-for Content.

Registration, Passwords and Privacy: The use of the Site signifies the Member’s consent to the Siteowner collecting and using personal information about the Member in accordance with the Siteowner’s Privacy Policy. The Member does not have to register to use the Site in order to access it and enjoy the content other than the Paid-for Content. If the Member wishes to access the Paid-for Content the Member will be asked to provide the Siteowner with accurate, complete registration information, including contact details, and it is the Member’s responsibility to update and maintain this information. The Siteowner is entitled to rely on this information to provide Paid-for Content. The Member will also be required to create a Password in a format specified by the Siteowner (“the Password”). The Member shall not disclose the Password to any other person or entity and shall ensure that the Password remains confidential at all times. In the event that the Member knows or has a reasonable suspicion that a third party knows the Member’s Password, the Member shall notify the Siteowner immediately by contacting the Siteowner at If the Siteowner has reasonable grounds for believing that the Member has misused or is misusing the Password, the Siteowner may require the Member to change the Password or may suspend the Member’s use of the access to the Site, including Paid-for Content, until such time as the Siteowner is satisfied that the security of the Site is no longer compromised by the Member’s activities.

Limitations on Use of the Site: All content and services provided by the Siteowner belongs to the Siteowner. The Siteowner owns all intellectual property rights in the content and services. The content and services provided are solely for the personal use of the Member and the Member shall not sub-license, distribute, sell, supply, modify, adapt, amend, incorporate, merge, or otherwise alter any content or service provided under this Agreement.


You may cancel a subscription Service at any time by sending us an email to However, you will only receive a full refund after completing a full year of membership. Your membership begins the day you setup your Login information.

GUARANTEE: We will refund 100-percent of your money – no questions asked. However, here’s the catch: We want one year of your time. Because we do not believe in “insta-results.” Real Results™ take time. However, if after one year of listening and watching the principle’s Jeremy provides you do not feel you are substantially further along than when you started – simply send us an email to and we will immediately give you a full refund. That’s how confident we are in our ability to deliver some of the best personal development material you have ever come across.

Additionally: We reserve the right to terminate your subscription account and terminate your access to subscription Services if we cannot successfully bill the subscription fee to your credit card on record.

NOTE: You may request a refund and immediate termination of your subscription in the case of fraudulent or unauthorized usage of your credit card. If this is the case, notify us immediately at
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